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Fall & Winter Hours

Nov 29th to Feb 28th
Sunday - Thursday 11am to 6pm
Friday - Saturday 11am to 8pm

Spring & Summer Hours

Mar 1st - Nov 28th
Mon - Sat 11am to 8pm
Sun 11am to 6pm

Winery FAQs

How do I send in a Donation Request?

Please go to our   Donations Page  for more information.

Do you do weddings or showers?

We do not host weddings, showers, family or private events. www.ctwine.com has lots of information on vineyards that do. We also suggest you inquire at our restaurant for special occasion space at The Library Wine Bar & Bistro.

Are large group parties allowed?

We encourage our guests to come and spend some time at the vineyard to bring some food, friends and family. Please note: The MAXIMUM group allowed is 15-20 people or less so that we can accomodate everyone who wants to come and enjoy the beautiful countryside.

For groups of more than 20 we advise you to hold your party at our beautifully restored historic downtown Wallingford restaurant, The Library Wine Bar & Bistro.

Do you allow picnics?

We do have outside seating and you are welcome to bring your picnic lunch with you. We do not allow grills or catered food.

Do you have a restaurant?

We offer fruit and cheese and meat and cheese platters, but, no we do not have a restaurant at the vineyard. You can bring your own food but we do encourage you to try our beautifully restored historic downtown Wallingford restaurant, The Library Wine Bar & Bistro.

Why do you not allow outside beverages?

As you will see from our many signs, we ask that you do not bring in any outside beverages (including water) - This is a restriction of our FARM WINERY PERMIT. Any violation of this restriction puts our permit in jeopardy. Our license depends upon cooperation from our guests. We have soda, coffee, tea & water for sale.

Why can't we bring our own water bottles?

We have had problems with guests filling their water bottles with vodka and bringing it to the winery. This is a violation of our Farm Winery License. If anyone is seen with outside beverages, we will ask you to leave the premises. This will be strictly enforced.

If we don't finish our wine, can we take the opened bottle home?

Yes. You just need to bring it to the bar so we can legally bag it for you.

Do you sell your wine to local liquor stores?

No we do not because we want you to come and visit us!

Do you put sulfites in your wine?

Yes, we do put a minimal amount of sulfites in our wine.

Are your wines vegan?

While we do not use any animal products in our wine; we are not certified as vegan so we cannot say we are vegan.

Are dogs allowed?

You are welcome to bring your dog with you when you visit Gouveia Vineyards on the grassy area. However, your pet must not be left alone, and you must clean up after him/her if necessary. No pets, except official guide dogs, are allowed inside the winery and on the patio.

Also, keep in mind that there may be many children running around at any given time, so your pet must be not left alone - for their safety as well as the safety of all of our guests.

Do you take reservations?

We do not take reservations. Seating is first come, first serve.

Can we take our engagement photos at the vineyard?

Yes, please call the office in advance to arrange a time for your picture day.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, & Discover. We do not accept checks.

Do all your grapes come from your vineyard?

We grow and use all our grapes in our wine as well as source grapes of the varieties that we grow to suppliment our harvest.

When is your harvest?

Harvest takes place Late September, early October. Please keep a look out on our Facebook page for any harvest related posts, if you would like to volunteer.

Are you handicapped accessible?

We are wheelchair accessible. Handicapped parking is on the left side of the winery right next to the door to the large tasting room. It is very accessible as there are no stairs to negotiate.

Liquor permit: 0000055

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Gouveia Vineyards

1339 Whirlwind Hill Rd
Wallingford, CT 06492
(203) 265-5526

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Some Interesting Notes...

About Our Vines

Our vineyard has a 4 acre test plot for the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station.

We're helping to research different ways of growing grapes to see what methods are best for future CT growers.

Each vine row is planted at different spacings and pruned in different ways. At harvest time, the grape clusters are counted, weighed and documented and CAES will be able to know what methods work best for CT soils and climate for years to come.

Visit our Wines Page to learn more about our varietals, and their tasting notes.

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