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Nov 29th to Feb 28th
Sunday - Thursday 11am to 6pm
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Mar 1st - Nov 28th
Mon - Sat 11am to 8pm
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Joe & Lucy Gouveia

"Adversity is a testament of God, but the confidence to believe in yourself defines the reason for living"

Growing up in a Portuguese village, Joe Gouveia learned the importance of being a proactive member of society and the love of belonging to a community. Throughout his time in America, he noticed the enjoyment of work and the values of community were diminishing. He wanted to bring the value of a village to America, which inspired the idea of Gouveia Vineyards!

Creating a Dream

Joe and his wife Lucy's dream beautifully demonstrates the opportunity for a greater future. Through lives of hard work and being encouraged by their own hearts and passions, they were able to establish Gouveia Vineyards. From a vacant farm, the family planted a vineyard by hand and opened up a winery. The success of the business did not come because of advertising, but by word of mouth. Success is not defined by the amount of money made at the end of the day. It is seen through the memories and relationships made at the winery. They want people to step away from their busy life, often taken for granted, and encourage people to bring their own food and make time for conversation.

Joe wanted to create a place where people are brought together like family, one that is not attached just by blood, but by celebrations and gatherings. Gouveia Vineyards is a place where memories and relationships are made. We have seen first dates, marriage proposals, and various reasons to get together, all beautifully illustrating that the best memories happen over food and a bottle of wine.

To tell a story... To share a lesson

One man's story will always stay with the Gouveia family. He was brought to our winery by a nurse. He had a glass of wine and sat by the window overlooking the beautiful scenery. When he was finished, he told the nurse that she could take him now. Our winery was the last place he went before he went to Hospice. He believed that Gouveia Vineyards illustrates all that really matters in life and the beauty people rush by every day.

"Everyone comes into your life for a reason and to share a lesson. Take a moment and talk to a person who is in the shadows of the lime light because every person has his own story"

Gouveia Family

Gouveia Vineyards
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